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Britains Metal Knights

The firm of William Britains Ltd. produced many medieval figures over the years.  Here are examples of some fine Britains metal knights.

The horseman from the 1930s, with swivelling lance arm  Here you see both sides of the figure.

Standing spearman from the 1930s- the figure had superb detail.

Britains had a premium line of knights known as "Agincourt:," named for the battle during the Hundred Years War,  They continue to produce this line of figures, with authentic heraldry.  Here are two of these fine diecast knights.  The detailed heraldry is exquisite.

I will be acquiring more of these Agincourt knights occasionally.  They are exceptional.  Figures are about 54mm size, 1/32 scale.  I believe that one is English and one is French.  

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