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Tim Mee World War II Era Infantry

One of the most popular brands of "bag soldiers" was Tim Mee, which produced a wide variety of figure sets.  These were sold by the bagful in toy stores, five-and-dimes and general stores.  The set had a nice variety of figures, somewhat crudely sculpted.  They stood about 60mm / 2 1/2" tall. A close look revealed that most of the first batch of Tim Mee World War II figures were crude copies of the taller 70mm Ideal Infantry set.  Tim Mee expanded its set to include medical personnel and other combat troops. Later, Tim Mee issued a "modern" set of troops armed with the M16.  Many poses of the new set were inspired by the World War II figures.

In my region (from the Jersey Shore to Middletown, NY, and west to Port Jervis) the Tim Mee figures were one of the two most common brands of bag soldiers, the other being Lido figures.  

Below are a few of the Tim Mee World War II figures (More will be added as we acquire them)

These figures were included in a bagged set by Dell.  The set had Tim Mee soldiers with vehicles by Payton.

Radioman - similar to Plasticraft figure

Running with M3 submachine gun - similar to Ideal.

(I am looking for the rest of the Tim Mee WW2 posesl If anyone can spare a few, we would appreciate it. )

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