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Plasticraft Soldiers: Man by Man

Standing rifleman - that's a very long rifle

Kneeling rifleman - those rifles are long enough to be Kentucky long rifles!

Bazooka man.  Unusual only because he is standing.  Most companies of the time made their bazooka-men in a kneeling position

Clubbing with rifle - another classic pose

Bayonet fighter

Running rifleman

Throwing grenade

Advancing with automatic weapon: long firearm with drum magazine.  With Plasticraft's tendency toward long weapons, it could be a Thompson submachine gun.  Just as likely, it was creative license.  In other words, "It looks cool."

Officer with pistol ,wearing the old style gas mask with a hose.

Crawling rifleman - not part of the set we received in the bag

Kneeling rifleman - not part of the set we received in a bag.  This figure was probably the one copied and "shrunk" for the Tim Mee World war II soldier set.

Compare this Ajax spaceman to the officer's pose.  

Marching soldier

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