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Plasticraft "Big" Combat Soldiers

Plasticraft was one of the first major makers of plastic army men.  They are notable for thicker features and oversized rifles, both of which make them seem much bigger than standard 54mm and 60mm figures. The poses are classic, for the most part.  Several are almost identical to other types of figures. For example, the officer's shooting pose is almost identical to the pose of an Ajax spaceman firing a ray pistol.  Plasticraft soldiers were made in soft plastic.  Archer copied them (probably by license) and offered the same figures in hard plastic. We were fortunate to turn up a whole bag of these classic toy figures.

These soldiers are slightly bigger than the standard 54mm figure.  They have thicker features than most other brands and tend to run between 2 1/2" and 2 3/4" tall.  A few are taller.  The Plasticraft figures were some of the first to emerge after World War II.    

Standing rifleman, kneeling rifleman and standing bazooka man

Bayonet fighter, running rifleman and clubbing rifleman

Grenade-thrower, submachine gunner and officer in gas mask with pistol

Crawling rifleman and radio man

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