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Navy Sailors

Regular sailors are not as common as soldiers, Western figures or medieval warriors.  There are sets intended to be sold with a boat, and others intended to be sold alone.  The sets shown here are typical of the small picking available for the nautically-oriented.

Ideal's sailors are about 70mm tall and have a thin, spare build.  From left: shore patrol, deep sea diver, semaphore man, officer, sailor with rope.

Aircraft carrier deck man, World War II type aviator, gunner's mate, sailor on guard duty, swabbing the deck.

These are either English or European, about 50mm tall.  Marching style is very different from the US.  Wide-swinging arms during a march are common in British forces.

Are those supposed to be binoculars or a sextant?  And the submachine gun looks like a US M3 type.

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