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Marx Playset Mountain Bunker

From the old 'Navarrone' Sets

Marx excelled at making accessories for its toy soldiers.  A popular accessory was integral to a popular playset.  Marx had a knack for reissuing their playsets under a new guise.  One of these was the old "battleground" playset reissued as "Guns of Navarrone."  All they had to do was add gun emplacements.  This mountain was the ticked to making an old set into a new one.  The version we have is a recent recast included with a 'Hilltop Alpha" playset that included mainly recast MPC equipment.  A panel on the inside indicates a "Durham Industries" of New York.  Perhaps Durham acquired the molds.

The set has a plain "elevator" on a girder in back, and a cannon that can be placed where desired.  I remember that one early version had a grey mountain with yellow ladders and equipment.


Two photos show the mountain with 54mm soldiers for size contrast.

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