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MPC Army Soldiers

MPC was the maker of the well-known "ring hand" soldier.  They also made one-piece figures, similar to those of other makers.  What characterized the majority of MPC figures was a hole in the base.  Several MPC toys had round nubs, onto which one could place these figures.  The regular soldiers were unremarkable.  At their best, they were less desirable than Lido, Tim Mee, Ideal or Marx. There were two series of them.  Both shared some poses, but the second introduced new poses.  Below are samples of the second series included in a recent playset.  I am unsure if they are products of poor molding technique, worn molds, or a clone mold.  

The recent set, "Hilltop Alpha", showed American and tan German figures on the box.  Inside was a load of these fellows, molded in gray and green.

Soldier swinging bayonet - "Slash!"  Due to poor molding, the bayonet was not molded on end of rifle.  Possibly inspired by Marx figure.

Soldier rushing with rifle & bayonet

Bazooka Man

Grenade thrower - likely inspired by Marx figure

Soldier firing Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)

Soldier marching

Soldier holding radio handset

Soldier with rifle - sculpting makes it hard to tell if it is a BAR, carbine or M14.  In the original series, there was a comparable fellow armed with a submachine gun.

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