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Classic Bag of Army Stuff

U.S. Armed Forces set by Dell Plastics

This is a find: a bag of Army men and vehicles.  It says Big D - US Armed Force3.  The company issuing it was Dell Plastics Co. of Brooklyn, NY.  Inside were three pairs of vehicles and a handful of soldiers.  Who made them?  The truck and tank were similar to Payton, and the Jeep could have been Lido or Tim Mee.  There were about twenty soldiers, in six poses.  They were Tim Mee World War II figures and they had a lot of "flash."  Did Dell ease the molds, or did they buy the items from other makers, or did they copy them outright?  Mystery, indeed.  But here we have a good example of one of the ways toy soldiers used to be sold.

The Jeep is close to Toy Soldier size, but the truck is about the size for O Gauge trains.

This tank is a copy of an early British Centurion main battle tank  The early Centurions appeared in the late 1940s.  The tank is sized just right as a flatcar load for O Gauge trains.

Tim Mee poses, but unlike Tim Mee, this is a lighter plastic.  Tim Mee used to add talc to their plastic to cut costs. These don't have talc or any other additive.  the molds had a lot of flash.  Could Dell have acquired an older Tim Mee mold?

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