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Crescent "Modern" British Infantry

Crescent, the British toy soldier maker, produced two different sets of "Modern" British Infantry.  Their first set was very large, dwarfing most comparable figures.  The second set was sized just right to fit among figures 50 to 54mm tall.  At first glance they seem inspired by Herald Khaki's Infantry, but in fact are entirely unique. The poses and sculpting are original.  Crescent's sets each have six poses, and this characteristic runs through most of its plastic soldier sets.  

These figures are 50 to 53mm size.  They represent 'modern" British troops in the 1950s and 1960s.

Some poses in the set were rendered into small scale and given round bases.

Rifleman, Bren gunner and flamethrower.  

Because of the rounder helmet, these could easily be mixed in with U.S, troops.

Crescent's 6-piece figure set is 65mm tall.  They dwarf comparable troops by other makers. Figure at left has a submachine gun, either an altered Sten or a U.S. M3 submachine gun.  These could pass as late World War II or troops of the 1950s.

The left and middle figures have weapons that could be an automatic rifle or Thompson submachine gun.  Weapons are out of scale, so it is hard to tell.  Rightmost figure has what looks like a U.S. M1 Carbine

Crescent's Paratroopers.  The paratrooper on red beret was a popular theme for British soldiers of the "modern" era. Off-size rifles are a hallmark of their "modern" figures.  This trio includes a mortarman, submachine-gunner with Sten gun, and bazooka man.  The Crescent Paratroopers are larger than 60mm.

Rifleman bayoneting, grenade thrower and charging rifleman.

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