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Vikings by Conte

Conte is the name of a company that makes very expensive "playsets", as well as plastic and metal figures.  Though similar to toy soldiers, their pricing, presentation and venues make them hobby figures.  These Vikings are part of a series based on an old Charlton Heston movie, "The Warlord."  (The movie is about a bunch of arrogant Normans who find themselves besieged by a better class of people: Vikings.) The series also includes Normans and a keep, all of which are rather exorbitant by toy soldier standards.  The Viking figures show promise.  They are detailed and in action poses.  The plastic has a rubbery feel.

Three men with the small axe

Three swordsmen


Spearman, swordsman, wounded Norseman

Running axeman, two swordsmen,  These three figures required some assembly.

Pictures of unassembled trio of figures

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