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Plastic British-Made Knights

These knights were part of a set which was somehow connected to the London News. From left: mace, axe, crossbowman

Stickers were placed on shields.  I am unsure if these examples of heraldry are authentic.

Rear view.  Center figures with mace and axe bear the same sticker.  Eightmost figure wears his crossbow on his back.

"Shield Knights" by Britains, a sort of "midddle ground" between their Swoppet and Deetail lines. Shields and weapons are separate pieces.  Heraldry is done via stickers on shields.

Rear view of the four poses.

Here they are wqithout shields and weapons.  You can see the figures and their poses clearly

Timpo "swoppet" mounted knights.  These were very popular.

More Timpo Knights.  

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