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Auburn Soldiers

Though most of our soldiers were soft plastic, some came in other substances.  There were hard plastic, vinyl and rubber figures.  Auburn specialized in rubber.  Their entire range of toys was initially made in rubber.  Some were later made in plastic. For the fans of toy soldiers, Auburn made a half track, M26 tank, 2 1/2 ton truck and jeep with cannon.  These were about the same "scale" as O gauge trains.  The soldiers were of a larger scale, standing over 3" tall.  

Auburn soldiers towered over the normal 60mm / 2 1/2" and 54mm / 2 1/4" troops.  The figures themselves tended to have a lean look, and they were armed and equipped in the style of the 1950s.  These were Korean-war era figures.  At least one sported the classic Marine Corp cap. In all, there were over a dozen Auburn poses.

Submachine gunner, rifleman in "jeep" cap, rifleman

Soldier passing note, firing rifleman

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