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MPC Cowboys and Indians

The three biggest brands of bagged Western figures in our neighborhood were MPC,. Tim Mee and Lido.  We had plenty of all of them.  Marx was usually found only in playsets.  thus, we had piles of the other brands.

MPC already had its infamous ring-hand cowboys on the market when it launched a "new" set of one piece figures in the 1960s.  The new set had mostly clones of marx.  They were just like Marx, bit the details were thicker and the figures looked a bit more "stiff."  Only a few figures were original with MPC.  Of course, we ended up with piles of them.  Pictured here are the MPC cowboys and Indians.  I have none of the MPC Western horses or wagons at this time.

Some MPC cowboys wand Indians were copies of Marx, such as center man with whip. MPC riflemen tend to look awkward, a flaw shared by current BMC figures.

Two classic types: one-gun and two-gun cowboys. Third man is either a doctor gunslinger or bank robber.

Classic poses: lasso man and pistol shooter.These are mounted figures

Here they are.  To left is Auburn colt, to right is Lido Western horse.

MPC Indians were mostly clones of Marx.  Here are two mounted men and archer.

Mohawk with tomahawk and scalp, Indian with knife, spearman with shield, Chief with war club.

Compare MPC with Airfix clones.  Airfix tried to imitate and improve upon some poses.  Note how Airfix rifleman holds his weapon realistically, as opposed to the stiff MPC pose.

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