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MPC Castle and Ballista

The centerpiece of many an MPC medieval set was the Castle.  Like most MPC items, it was less posh than its Marx or ideal counterparts.  Nonetheless, MPC made a budget-priced castle that fit perfectly.  It was actually a small,five-piece fortress consisting of from wall and gate, drawbridge, two side walls and a plain rear wall.  Our example is dark grey, but they appeared in everything from a pale gray to tan to a light "gold" tone.  Some were in pieces, others sold assembled and glued together.  I remember a boxed set in a window type box.

The MPC castle is the Plain Jane of the genre, to be sure.  Nonetheless it has plenty of potential for the Medieval wagamer and diorama maker.  While it can accommodate larger 54mm figures, it is in its element with 25mm to 40mm figures.  The Castle cane be combined with other MPC castle parts to make larger fortresses and even walled towns, if you can find enough.  Granted that the quasi-tower at the end of the short walls is passable, you can add towers from other castles such as Marx's carry-all playsets.

MPC's Ballista is a medieval form of its old rocket launcher.  The long projectile has a groove that fits tightly on a raised "bar".  The rubber ban is placed against the rear, and then the tail of the projectile is lifted until it launches.  Zap!  Simple but effective.  The ballista, like the MPC catapult and siege tower, look a bit too large for the small MPC 40mm knights.  They look better with 54mm to 75mm figures.

Castle front, with MPC 40mm knight in silver and English 54mm knight in silver and red showing size.  Silver patch on left wall is a reflection caused by camera.

Here is the castle with open gate.  Note how the knights fit tower.

Rear wall and side wall, showing knights on battlements.

Interior walls show places to stand the defenders.  Back wall's ledges are not continuous.

Interior of front wall shows battlements and ledges for defenders.

Ballista with 54mm knight and 40mm knight for contrast

Top view.  Projectile slot slips over bar below and between Crossbow arms.

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