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Classic MPC Knights

At a time when our standard sized soldiers ranges from 2 to 4 inches, the MPC knights were a bit short.  They were about 1 1/2 inches tall in a would where 2 1/2 inches was common. Nonetheless, they were quite a handful, packed with a catapult, arbalest and siege tower and a small castle.  We tried to use them alongside the standard sized lido and massive Tim Mee knights, but MPC always looked short.

The 40mm scale of the MPC knights came in handy later.  We were collecting the Elastolin 40mm figures for wargames, and found the MPC knights just the right size and price.  A little paint revealed some of the details.  Indeed, the MPC small knights are among the best-detailed sets of medieval figures sold as toy soldiers.  

MPC also issued a 50mm size set of knights, which happen to look a bit more "squirrelly."  They are flatter figures with poses that are mostly too fluid, too unreal.  Our preference by then was for the 40mm figures, for wargaming purposes.

MPC had two horse poses, as seen here.  Standing figures are placed for size comparison.

MPC made a siege tower with catapult, and a Medieval-style wide catapult.

Foot figures were in the 38 to 40mm range. From left are archer, swordsman, axeman, knight with morningstar, swordsman standing, swordsman defending, knight with mace and swordsman lunging.

Tower has stone-thrower and a bridge-type ramp

These two figures show some of the detail.

MPC later made a 50mm size set of knights. Some are semi-flat

You can see how the MPC catapult compares with the Marx 54mm scale "onager" catapult.  A Marx 54mm knight gives perspective.

The halbardier and both swordsmen are semi-flat type figures

Another view of catapults

Three cavalry figures: lancer, spearman and axeman.

MPC Castle - knight on right is 54mm, placed to show size proportion.

MPC's crossbow ballista worked much like their rubber-band powered rocket launchers

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