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Modern American G.I.s

Due to the lack of original new toy soldiers, every new discovery is an adventure.  The soldiers depicted here are original designs.  I first encountered a set of them about three years ago.  The sets were sold as a novelty item, in plastic boxes, with one or two soldiers and a motorcycle.  They were molded in "unbreakable plastic."  This batch is recent, and obviously from the same or similar molds.  There are six positions, and they come packed in green and tan sets.  I was quite pleased to see them in conventional "toy soldier" packaging.

These six positions are almost identical to a set of figures indicated in our photo page as 'Odd Troops"  One odd thing is that the weapons are not as well sculpted as we would like, and it takes a hard look to tell what each GI is carrying.  

Here is a bag of these troops in desert tan.

this man has an M203 "over and under" grenade launcher / M-16.

this man has an M-60 light machine gun.

That is a modern "disposable bazooka" in the soldier's hand.  It is similar to the old M-72 LAW.

This looks like a SAW light machine gun.

Rifleman throwing grenade

Rifleman firing M-15

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