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1/35 and 1/40 "Model Kit" Soldiers

Figures by Monogram and Revell / LifeLike

Monogram and Revell sold millions of military model kits.  monogram made theirs in 1/35, an accepted and popular scale. Revell used 1/40, an uncommon scale.  With Lindbergh, Monogram and Revell were the prime sources of military models in the 50s and 60s.  Each kit contained from 0one to four military figures, usually drivers and crewmen with an occasional infantryman.  Monogram and revell each produced a separate infantry kit.  Both of their kits were more like a combat support section than a regular line infantry unit.  Each packed in a machine gun, mortar team and bazooka team.  Revell's infantry kit was pure World War II, while Monogram's was late 1950s / early 1960s.  Monogram modeled the transition time when the M1 was being replaced by the M14.

The figures came molded in olive green plastic.  Normally it was dark olive, but Revell sometimes used a lighter green.  Painting for most folks was a matter of painting faces, boots, weapons and belts.  Younger hobbyists were known to add helmets to the paint schedule ,and these were invariably painted silver. Few modelers did serious painting of the figures.  For most, the vehicle kit was important.  Had they tried, however, they would have discovered that both Monogram and Revell figures painted up very well.

LifeLike later reissued some Revell kits.

The figures show here were acquired along with other miniatures.  They came painted in the style in which you will most likely find them: faces, belts, boots and weapons are painted, and everything else is left the color of the plastic.  though neither set is being produced at this time, there were many sold and so many are still around.

These Monogram figures were packed with various military vehicle kits.  The man with his leg in the air was supposed to be stepping into a jeep.  Note the two different submachine gunners to the extreme right.


More Monogram figures.  The kneeling rifleman and walkie talkie man came with a Weasel tracked vehicle.

Revell figures from the Infantry Combat Team set.  The machine gun team is missing its water-cooled .30 caliber weapon.

More figures from the set, including a minesweeper.

There is a tanker to the left, two artillery crewmen from a howitzer kit, and then two Infantry kit figures on the right

Another view of the bazooka team.

Humor?  This figure of a General came with the Revell / LifeLike kit.  It is a model of Patton.  Here's a case where someone took too many liberties with a paint scheme.

LifeLike / Revell figures on the sprue.  Flash - excess plastic - is caused by old, worn molds.

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