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Modern Army Cloned

Copying and cloning are standard procedure for Chinese firms.  Everything is grist for the mill.  We have seen clones of figures from Airfix, Matchbox and Marx before.  We have seen cloned models of the Tim Mee M48 tank.  We have scene cloned troops, but this set found in a KayBee outlet raises a few eyebrows.  Not only are Tim Mee troops clones, but some have been "Frankensteined" into other poses.  Then there are the 'battle flags", which are some Chinese graphic artists's vision of a US flag and the banner of some mythical Arab nation.  All this, plus the usual offscale elements!

You have to wonder what the Chinese toymakers will invent next.  Obviously this set was intended to mimic current conflicts, but those flags!  The parody U.S. flag is funny enough, and the other is downright bizarre.  While the moon and crescent could imply an Arab country, the rest of the design is pure fantasy.

These copies of the Tim Mee M-48 are excellent, in their own right.  Crisp, clear molding and all things "right."  In scale they are about 1/48, and with a little paint and outfitting would make suitable "flatcar loads" for an O gauge railway.

The bunker is a copy of an old Marx piece.  Two 50mm GIs are here shown for scale.

Two barbed wire fence sections came in the set.

A nice little attack helicopter, about 1/48 size.  This would make a nice O gauge flatcar load.

Standard 50mm GI shown for scale

These poses are cobbled from combining different parts of Tim Mee "M-16" figures.  The firing officer took the most ingenuity.

Clones of classic Tim Mee poses.  One amusing piece is the M-60 machine gunner.  His weapon is an experimental version of the machine gun which was not accepted by the Army.

Let's look at how the composite figures were made:

Flamethrower torso on bazookman's legs

Stabbing GI on grenadier's legs.

Bazookaman on officer's legs

Kneeling rifleman on stabbing GI legs.

A composite torso on officer's legs.  The pistol & hand of the officer were fitted to a straight arm, and the left arm with binoculars were somehow cobbled on.  Then a head facing right was added.  Voila!  A firing officer, assembled a' la Frankenstein!

The grenadier is holding grenade.  Many recent Tim Mee clones have this pose with an open right hand.  The original had a grenade.

Notice how the larger figure compares to the M-48 tank.

This 1/48 scale 'O gauge:' figure is sized right for this tank.

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