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Small-scale toy soldiers and vehicles

The origins of small-scale military models and soldiers is a convergence of origins. On one hand, The United States and Great Britain each commissioned the manufacture of small model military vehicles, ships and tanks. These were used to teach visual recognition of allied and enemy vehicles during World War II.. After the war’s end, both companies continued making the models for hobbyists and collectors.

Comet described its vehicles scale a"one inch equals nine feet."

On the other side of the equation, small scale model railroading became popular after World War II. Ready-made trains in OO and HO became common during the 1950s. OO scale caught on in Britain. HO was popular in the US and most of Europe. In the course of producing scenery and accessories, small-scale train makers made miniature people and vehicles. Military models were the next step.

Both these origins combined to make small scale military models. All of the 1/100, 15mm scale, HO, OO and 1/72 soldiers and vehicles are the result of the recognition models and miniature model railroading.

ROCO Minitanks (and UPC, EKO and Aurora)Roskopf Miniature ModelsComet / Authenticast
Airfix "Mini-Men"Other Makers' VehiclesAurora Anzio Beach
Other Brands of SoldiersROCO, Roskopf, UPC and Eldon catalogs

Medieval Figures: Knights and Vikings

We are busily improving this site and hope to add to it. Here are some thing we need:

Instructions for the Rat Patrol and Anzio Beach kits by Aurora. PDF scans will be fine.

Instructions for the UPC, Marusan and Eldon HO tanks. PDF scans will do.

Comet / Authenticast 20mm infantry. US, German, Russian. Certain poses are especially needed: kneeling firing US, German and Russian, German with panzerfaust, US minesweeper,

US marching, Soviet MG team, Soviet antitank gun team, Soviet prone rifleman, Soviet with submachine gun, Soviet Bazooka

Comet / Authenticast vehicles in any condition

Aurora Military Midgets

Roskopf:anything we can get

ROCO early production Tiger I, King Tiger, Hunting Tiger, JSIII

Aurora landing craft in complete condition

Marx HO half track, jeep, landing craft, raft, artillery, soldiers, terrain pieces and accessories

GIANT soldiers, vehicles, terrain pieces, etc.

Most attention is being given to the miniatures that we had back in the old days. Of course, the emphasis is on troops, vehicles, accessories and terrain pieces of the 20th century. When time and resources permit, I will be adding info on figures and items from other eras.

My goal here is not to be the definitive list of all small-scale figures and vehicles, but to cover the ones we all knew and enjoyed. I especially want to cover the older discontinued items before they are lost and forgotten.

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