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Other Makers Small Soldiers and Accessories

Several companies made their own ranges of small-scale figures in the 1960s and afterward. They varied from soft plastic figures to handpainted  soldiers in hard plastic. Sizes ranged from the 20mm to 30mm scales.  There was variety in scales, figure quality, armies and eras covered.  Along with the 20th and 21st Century troops covered in this section, Cowboys & Indians and the Civil War were popular.  There were also sets of the Romans & Greeks, Vikings, Knights, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Alamo and Civil War.

The soldiers of the World War II and Cold War eras included both new figures and others that were clones from larger toy soldiers.


Marx "H.O." 20mm to 30mm figures

The Louis Marx Company added hard plastic, painted soldiers in the early 1960s.  The three ranges were the 6-inch Goldmarx line, 60mm to 70mm Warriors of the World, and the 20mm to 30mm "H.O." series. The HO figures were sold as playsets and small sets of five o to eight figures in small plastic boxes. Several playsets were small versions of larger ones. The small figures and most accessories were painted. In recent years, old Marx HO molds had been used to make soft plastic figures.


Marx World War II U.S. Infantry

Tommy gun, charging soldier and grenade ethrowerwith Tommy gun. Miniature copies of 1st set of 54mm GIs

Running with .30 caliber machine gun, officer, rifleman kneeling.  Miniature coipies of 54mm "Marines"

Prone sniper. Miniature copy of figure from 60mm set.

Marx Vietcong Guerrillas

Two grenade throwers (first is missing "potaot masher" grenade) and rifleman

Four riflemen. 




Herald Copies

A ser of eight crude copies of the Herald "Khaki Infantry."  These are the size of the Liliput line produced by Britains in the same poses, but lack the detail. Judging by the mix of green and tan, they were likely made in the early 1990s. The Khaki Infantry were post World War II troops in the "tortoise shell " helmet.  Some had the SLR assautl rifle, a British variant of the FN rifle that remained in service for a long time.  Some had a .280 caliber Bullpup rifle which Britian accepted but never put into service. The Bullpup is also seen with Postwar troops by Crescent, Timpo, Johillco and Lone Star.

Officer, soldier with SLR., soldier with "bullpurp" rifle, grenadier

Radioman, kneeling soldier with bullpup, standing soldier with bullpup, casualty with SLR


Hong-Kong Marine Knockoffs


The three green poses and tan riflemen are copies of Aurfix 54mm US Marines.  The automatic rifleman is copied from the 54mm Airfix British Paratroopers


Esci Germans

Esci and Italieri made various types of small-scale infantry.  These are German figures.

Note the incredibly short Panzerfaust bazooka.

A very accurate flamethrower and an unusual pose for the light machine gun.


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