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Marx M46

The Louis Marx Comnpany made the best plastic soldier playsets. Their sets with 54mm and 60mm scale figures sold briskly in the 1960s.  Marx turned its hands to making small-scale hobby sets with hand-painted soldiers. They included soldiers in the 25mm to 30mm range and miniature copies of many of the same vehicles and accessories as their full-sized unpainted counterparts.  Small-scale sets covered everything from Vikings & Knights to Vietnam.

Many of the accessories were shrunk-down versions of those packed into the large scale sets. For their World War II and Vietnam sets, they had soft-plastic miniature copies of the tank, half track, jeep, landing craft and howitzers of the Battleground and Navarone sets. Here is a very small version of the Marx M46 tank, identical in every way to the larger one except for size.

(If anyone can spare a copy of the half track, jeep, truck, landing craft and artillery, please contact me.  I would like to have at least one of each here.)

Comparison of the ROCO / EKO / Roskopf M48 compared to the Marx M46.




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