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Milihistriot Revived

Military Miniature Collector Magazine Emerges with January Issue

The classic periodical, Milihistriot - Military Miniature Collector will renew publication after a 38-year absence.  The January 2005 edition with be Volume IX, #1.  As during its original run, Milihistriot will be issued quarterly. The content will focus on military miniature collecting, military miniature making and converting, military history, uniforms & units, and other subjects related to historical military miniatures.  In this, the magazine content will be the same as that of the past.  However, new features covering plastic figures and historical wargaming miniatures will be added.  Our goal is to provide a journal with brief, cogent articles for the military miniature hobbyist.  At this time it is determined that as in the past, each issue will run between 30 and 40 pages, 5.5" by 8.5" pages, printed black and white. Subscription rates have yet to be determined.

With the glossy magazines serving the hobby, you may wonder why it needs a smaller, plain paper periodical.  Milihistriot will find its own niche.  There are many who prefer a wide variety of small articles over a few large ones.  Likewise for those who prefer a periodical that is more answerable to its readership.  Milihistriot has a place and a mission to fulfill.

The Past:

In July of 2004, I acquired original copies of Military Miniature Collector / Milihistriot, along with the copyrights.  The small periodical had an eight-year / eight volume run, from January of 1959 to October of 1966.  The original publisher and editor was Bob Bard, author of the popular Making and Collecting Military Miniatures.  Bob 's book was catalytic for both the military miniature and miniature wargaming hobbies.  It remains a classic.  The book not only served military miniature collectors and makers, but gave miniature wargaming a wonderful introduction.  Along with miniature soldiers, Bob was known among collectors of stamps, coins, railroad hobbyists and airplane enthusiasts.

Bob Bard had been a respected supplier of castings, figures, books and equipment for the military miniature hobby. He was a prolific writer for the hobby, as well as its promoter.  During the 1950s, he issued the "Bob Bard Bulletin" to his mail-order customers. After publication of Making and Collecting Military Miniatures, he saw a greater demand, and so initiated the Military Miniature Collector Magazine.  The quarterly periodical featured articles on military history, uniforms, miniature making, and related subjects. In 1963, he changed the periodical's name to Milihistriot.

A personal disaster led to the end of Bob Bard's miniature business and Milihistriot.  It also ended his work on a new book, to be entitled "The Wonderful World of Military Miniatures."  For various reasons, Bob faded from view around the hobby.  He died in the mid-1990s. His remaining materials circulated to various persons. The magazines and copyrights were uncovered in 2004 and offered for sale.  

The Future:

T. Sheil has a background in specialty publishing, as well as a lifelong interest in toy soldiers, military miniatures, miniature wargaming and model railroading.  The webmaster of two busy websites, the All Gauge Model Railroading Page and The Army Men Homepage, he is also a prolific writer on esoteric subjects.  His background assures that Milihistriot / Military Miniature Collector will be an enjoyable asset for the hobbyist.

His plans for the magazine include the following:

  1. Continue the tradition of new articles on military miniatures and military history.
  2. Reprint classic articles from past issues.
  3. Encourage participation by readers via of letters and submitted articles.
  4. Add a column that covers plastic toy soldiers
  5. Add a feature that covers historical miniatures for wargaming.
  6. Retain those aspects of Milihistriot which apply, and revise those which need updating.
  7. Maintain a high standard, so as to assure readers a quality publication.

You can expect a small periodical that is enjoyable, informative and uniquel  Milihistriot will be everything it was, and more.

Keep checking this page for news on the availablility of Milihistriot, subscription information, etc.  

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