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Landsknechts by Merten

The Landsknechts were an elite group of German pikemen, based on the model set by Swiss pike units.  They hired out as mercenaries in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance.  Landsknechts were noted for colorful uniforms and equally unique equipment.  They would mass pikes much like the Macedonians of ancient times, their flanks protected by two-handed swordsmen and halbardiers.  Early units might be augmented by crossbowmen, and later units included men with firelock muskets.

The figures shown here were made by the Walter Merten company of Berlin, Germany.  Merten was a competitor to Elastolin.  Both produced 40mm scale Medieval figures, but Merten's range was limited to armored knights and landsknechts.  Merten did not produce the other colorful medieval types, though the company made Bedouin Arabs, American Civil War figures, cowboys & Indians and modern US and German troops.  Though the Merten medieval ranges were fewer, the number of different poses was greater than Elastolin's.

Some of our figures are missing weapons.  As I acquire more, they will be added to this page.

A merry group includes marching men.  There are an arquebusier and soldier with mace, plus an armored crossbowman.  Two figures are missing main weapon.

Here we have a man with a partizan, soldier with morningstar mace, soldier with two-handed broadsword and a halbardier.  In real life, the latter three would be used to protect the flanks of a unit of Pikemen.

The left two men are supposed to be thrusting with pole-arms, and others are marching men.

Two horsemen: standard bearer and trumpeter.  A small standard hangs from trumpet.

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