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Medieval Heavy Equipment

The heavy weapons and equipment of the Middle Ages are fascinating studies.  Models of them are sold to hobbyists, but true toy versions tend to be crude and unrealistic.  However, some realistic toy medieval gear is quite realistic.  Here we look at some of the better toy equipment for miniature medieval warfare.

Catapult and trebuchet by Pressman.  These were made for a children's game that involved firing plastic balls. They are decent models

Pressman's model of a small medieval gun and its protective mounting.

Medieval defensive barrier by Pressman.

Pressman's medieval bombard.  The ring on top behind the muzzle is for loading a plastic ball.

The star fort is one of my favorite accessories, as it has interesting detail.  It is a model of a fort that would be erected to defend a camp of an invading army.

Eye level view of this castle with 20mm, 38/40mm - 1/48 and 54mm figure.

Unknown brand firing toy catapult and knock-down plastic walls.

Another view with figures.

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