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The Medieval Soldiery

Battles of the Middle Ages provided impetus for entire ranges of toy knights and Medieval footsoldiers. Many toy soldier companies produced knights.  The items shown here are of recent production, being original pieces, recasts or clones.  They are a nice variety of poses and figures.

A later set of knights by Marx.  These are 54mm tall, and show superb detail and proportions.  The knights at left and center are almost identical to two figures of the 70mm knights set.

The knights at extreme left and right resemble figures from the 70mm set.

Airfix's 54mm medieval footsoldiers.

Figures clones from Britains Knights & Turks.  Weapons are changeable. Figures are between 50mm and 54mm scale.

Mounted figures cloned from Britains.  Two at left are Turks, and two at right are Knights.

Horses for Marx Medieval Figures.

These 40mm figures are cloned from Starlux knights..

Two different maces!  And a nice miniature of a crossbowman.

Kneeling archer is an interesting figure. The figure to right resembles an Elastolin foot knight.

Figure to left is an unarmored fighter.  Compare these with Toy Major or Simba brand knights, many of which are copies of the same figures.

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