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Knights & Merry Men

Collected here is an assortment of Medieval fighters of different types, and all made by the same company.  Two are based on popular entertainment. The Robin Hood set was inspired by the popular book and movie.  Prince Valiant followed the lead of a Sunday comic and a later movie.  Movies or not, they are good representations of the folks who fought in the Middle Ages.  The other two sets shown here are inspired by other images, obviously of an historical nature.

These 70mm figures are the same poses as the 6" ones.  They loom large.  Notice the unusual figure with tiny mace (extreme left) and beside him, man with partizan (The pole weapon) that has a shortened haft.  The style of armor ois a very late Medieval type.  Ironically, some of these figures are very similar in pose the the 70mm Romans.

Originally sold as the "Prince Valiant" set, these 54mm figures are very crude and the mold is worn.

More of the Prince Valiant set. Left figure is swinging the mace like a baseball bat!  

It is odd that  the knights in this set are all wearing late Medieval armor, while Prince Valiant is set just prior to the actual Middle Ages.  The inspiration for this set was a movie in which the characters wore plate armor, rather than the actual comic.

These 60mm figures were sold variously as Sheriff of Nottingham men, and as Warriors of the World.  The poses are quite animated.  Note the crossbowman to the right.

More of the 60mm figures in action. This set depicts the type of weapons used from 1200 to 1450.

The 54mm set of Robin Hood figures is excellent.  Here are the archers.

Back detail of archers is notable, as well.  These would make excellent unarmored foot and peasant troops for war games.

Here are men with other weapons, including one man knocked on his back, and a man hefting a huge stone.  The staff-armed men could easily be converted to pikeman.

Character figures for Robin Hood includes monk, harp player and "Maid Marian."

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