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Medieval Figure Accessories

In the "Double Dippin Fun" brand of bagged toys in Target's cheap bin, we also found "Castle Accessories."  These go with the knight, and are pretty nice little accouterments!  A few dollars yielded us a nice assortment of combatants, castle personalities, cavalry and weaponry.  

These horses legs are movable!  The figures come with an assortment of wicked-looking weapons.

Look at the size of that mace!

This set had six wall section and two banners.  Walls look like clones of Britains' plastic stone fence.

A set with a heroic knight facing a dragon.  Dragon's arms are pose-able.

A catapult set complete with crewman and plastic rocks.  These are the same plastic rocks found in the "Double Dippin Fun" farm, jungle animal and sea creature from Target.

Loaded to go.  Tab above the left wheel is launcher.  Just press it and it levers the firing arm, slinging the "rock."  Simpler and much more effective than the old Marx "rubber band" catapults..

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