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Medieval Figures

The cheap toy bin at Target yielded an unexpected trove of delights for us.  Bearing header cards reading "Double Dippin Fun," there were sets of toy soldiers and other toy figures, all unique and very attractive.  One of the best was the Medieval "Castle Accessories" series. It included figures and Medieval implements.  

These character figures add a new dimension to the "Castle Accessories".  Rarely does a set of knights include an attractive 'Royal Family" with their staff?  

The knights were molded in gray and black, making two different armies.  Do these figures remind you of another brand?  The plastic was as stiff as unbreakable, but also had a slightly rubbery feel like PVC or vinyl.

The first and last figure look like Timpo's knights.  The middle one had a head swap.

There's the original Timpo-type axeman on the left.

The kind figure at the end is an improved Timpo-type.  The Timpo original had its sword down.

Swapping heads take four figures and turns them to eight!

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