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Classic Lido Toy Knights!

Back in the old days, we did not know the brand names of our toy soldiers.  Nonetheless, Lido was one of the biggest and most popular providers of figures of all types.  We had piles of them!  Among their offerings were toy knights on foot and horseback.  Lido figures were "flatfoot" types.  They stood on level surfaces without a stand.  Even mounted men could stand on their own!  Of course, all Lido figures also fell quite easily.

The detail is amazing ,and the knights show it like no other set of figures.  Pictures here are Lido knights, with soft plastic men and hard plastic horses.  Note the separate weapons for the horsemen!  Is it any wonder why we loved them?

Knights and weapons.  From left: axe, lance, halbard, lance and mace.

Soldiers in the different colors: plain blue, metallic blue, antique gold, metallic burgundy, metallic green and plain green.

The mounted men have three different poses: two at left are unshielded, the center two are pointing weapons forward, the right pair are shielded.

Standing footmen: gold swordsman, green axeman, gold swordsman raising weapon, red swordsman swinging sword, trumpeting halbardier, plus three mounded figures  who can also stand like footmen.

Close-ups show the amazing detail of both foot and mounted figures.

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