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Classic Soldiers

Lido U.S. Infantry

Lido soldiers were the most common figures in my old neighborhood.  Every boy had bundles of them.  The bunch pictures here are the most common figures, but I remember there were some others.  One in particular was a crawling soldier.  (I'm still trying to find one of them).  These figures have been in constant production for about 50 years.  The original toy soldier molds are now used by Tootsietoy, and other companies have copied them.  These days, they are made in tan as well as green.

Equipment and uniform are a common type worn from late 1943.  A few figures have boots with the cuff; most have leggings.  All have camouflage nets on the helmets.  Three poses were shared with Marx.  The Marx versions do not have camouflage netting, but are in all respects identical.

Other companies would acquire Lido figures to pack with toy trucks, tanks, etc.  I am not certain if they leased the molds, licensed their own copies, or bought figures from Lido.

Prone Sniper

'The Thin Guy"

The Standing Guy - he was sometimes put on horseback by kids - the stance made him an excellent "rider".

Pistol Shooter

The Bayonet Guy

Machine-gin Guy

Grenade Thrower

Standing rifleman

Raised rifle


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