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Late Medieval Knights

There are several styles of knights, the most pronounced being that of national origin.  English, French, German, Italian and Russian knights have unique characteristics which set them apart.  Call it a "feel" if you will.  American manufacturers tend to ward the English style of knight, with some French.  German knights are different.  German makers generally prefer to model German figures of the later Middle Ages. The influence of the Landskneckts, an elite type of German soldier of the early Renaissance, favors this specific era.  

These Jean Hoefler brand figures are typical of German-made knights.  They are late-Medieval fighters of the late 15th to mid-16th century.  Note unusual, oversized kneeling figure with knife. Hoefler figures tend toward too-wide heads.

Hoefler's knights have large, round heads.  The crossbowman of the top row, and the mounted lancer and standing, bareheaded lancer directly above show some Landsknecht influence.  The partial armor, unique thigh armor and unarmored arms of crossbowman and mounted lancer are typical of armored Landsknechts.

These are 6" 'Goldmarx' figures.  They include a 13th century Crusader and two late 15th / early 6th Century knights.  Marx knights tend to be English in style.

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