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More Big Soldiers!

These are 6 inch figures are clones of Marx and Remco troops. They are sold in bags of three. The two figures to the right and the minesweeper second from right are cloned from figures shown elsewhere on this website.  The originals are thicker; the clones are very thin.  The other three figures are from a Remco set of "mercenary" types that appeared in 3 1/2" size, and have been cloned in 40 / 45mm size. (You can see the original 3 1/2 figures by clicking here)

This figure is a thinner, but detailed version of the original

Classic minesweeper

Another thin cloned figure.

Interesting pose on this figure

Modern?  He wields what looks like and M-16.

The suspenders are crossed, a design which has not been used since WWII.  Since 1957, other patterns were used.

This fellow has an RPG7, a Soviet weapon.  His boots look like they bear leggings.  The US Army stopped using leggings about 50 years ago.

Crossed web gear again!  Are those leggings on the boots?

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