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Large Figures

Most plastic soldiers ranged from 2 to 3 inches high.  The most common sizes for American children with 2 1/4 inches (54mm) and 2 1/2 inches (60mm).  Other sizes were occasional and specialized.  The 20mm "HO." figures by Giant and Airfix were at one extreme, while 6" figures by Marx, Lido and MPC held the opposite pole.  5" to 6" figures were very popular, especially among fans of the 2 to 3 inch troops.  The larger figures allowed play on a smaller scale.  Where to usual small troops were used in armies of 20 to 200, the large figures were enjoyed for squad-sized action and were more individual in nature.

6" figures had some advantages.  They were great for the beach, being large and visible.  You could lose many of the smaller 2" soldiers in a sand-heap, but is was rare to lose a 6" figure.  Likewise, 6" figures were more fun around water..Budding hobbyists got their start by painting details on the larger figures.

5" and 6" figures still turn up in toy stores  They come packaged in anything from two-somes to large buckets.  Here we have a selection of old and new 6" figures.

This is a trio of Police "SWAT" figures of recent design, maker unknown.

Robust, accurately-equipped miniatures of modern firemen.  Same unknown maker.

A series of 6" soldiers that are clones or copied from common 2 1/4" figures.  The 1st and 3rd figures are based on Tim Mee 'Vietnam Era" figures, the others on Matchbox WWII US Paratroopers.  Same unknown maker.

Cloning plus!  These are based on the Tim Mee flamethrower man and two of the Matchbox paratroops.

Toy figure based on "Army men" video game

Copies of popular 6" figures of the 1960s.  These are a combination of Marx and other brands.  These 6" figures were extremely popular in the 1960s!

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