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New Metal Knights

This knight was made by a British company called Marlborough.  I bought him from George Martin, another fan of medieval miniatures.  At the time, I didn't notice the red rampant lion crest on the chest...

Here is my family crest. It bears a red lion rampant.. Coincidence?  

The British firm Lone Star had made several series of diecast figures called "Metallions."  One series was a set of six Knights of the Round Table.  Pictured above, from left ,are King Arthur, Sir Lancelot and Sir Gallahad. Spelling of names are those on the figures. (The series also included Western figures).

From left, these are Sir Gareth, Sir Bedivere and Sir Percivale.  The amount of molded detail is stunning.  These figures were made in the early 80s.  (Spellings are those on the figures)  

Collecting five of these figures was relatively easy. Percivale remained elusive for a long time.  

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