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Assorted Plastic Knights

The knights shown below are from various makers. Most are British or European, with one Chinese product line represented.  All show various approaches to capturing the Medieval warrior in miniature.  All were sold as toy soldiers.

Starlux Mounted 60mm scale Figures, unpainted.  Four knights in chainmail. Starlux has been out of business for most of the past twenty years, but resurfaces briefly from time to time.  

Two Starlux 60mm scale knights in plate armor.

Starlux 60mm figures: unarmored archer, armored archer, crossbowman and knight with sword/  Made in France..

Plastic painted knights by Charbens, about 60mm scale.

Modern knights of vinyl-like material.  They resemble somewhat, but are not Britains. Made in China.

Mounted knights- note four different horse poses!

The two figures at left are from Reamsa, a defunct Spanish company.  The painted knight is of unknown origin.  The leftmost figure is a 60mm scale clone of an Elastolin figure.

Knights from the defunct British firm, Lone Star.

Knights by Crescent, a British firm.

Crescent knights

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