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Knight's Playset 2

Here is some of the finest siege gear I have seen in quite a while!

this is one of the best siege towers I have ever seen, in miniature.  It has better proportions than the old "Atlantic" brand towers, and is much more compact and manageable than the ones by Elastolin.  The "drawbridge" works well.

View from the front, with open drawbridge.

From the back, with figures to show proportions.

Two trees were included, and were pretty good.  (I might use them on the O Gauge train layout.)

The set included eight of these wheeled parapets.  Oddly enough, it included no archers or crossbowmen, for whom parapets were mot useful.  Small details like this make all the difference.

For the first time in a long time, one playset has provided a full assortment of equipments for a medieval siege. The only shortfalls are in the lack of pole-arms and archers / crossbowmen among the figures.  Those playing Castle Cracker, Chainmail or similar games would need to supplement the set for balanced battles.

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