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Large Knight's Playset

Having played more than a few rounds of Castle Cracker, I have a great appreciation of medieval miniatures and equipment.  Most Medieval; fare for to soldiers is rather mundane, but sometimes that one special piece comes along.  At the KayBee outlet, I discovered this set.  Though the knight themselves were the usual clones, the other equipment was darn near extraordinary.  Packed in the set was some respectable siege equipment.

The knights were of a common type, in 40 to 45mm scale.  Nice figures, though none were armed with polearms, nor were there any archers or crossbowmen.  With over 100 knights in the set, this "Dragon Knights" playset was a superb find.  

Inside this can is one of the best assortments of medieval accessories we have seen in some time!

This "cage" must be meant for captured knights.  It is an unusual piece to find in a Medieval set.

There were five foot positions and one mounted position.  The set included 110 footmen and 4 cavalrymen with horses, in black and silver.  Foot figures are 40 to 45mm size

Obviously cloned from larger, better figures..but whose?  There is a slight resemblance in a couple of these pieces to Britians, but very slight.

The leftmost figure is posed much like a well-known Britains "Deetail" piece.  The center figure is more like some Timpo pieces, though this type of pose is common in many sets of Medieval figures..In its way, the horse reminds me of old Giant horses.

Basic onager-type catapults.  The set had two.

Culverins - medieval siege guns.  Note "wood" case for "ammo."  Thee lacked springs to actually fire.  However, they are the low-slung sort of field guns used during the early days of gunpowder artillery.

I have not seen many culverins in this size since Elastolin.  The only others that come to mind were the old Pressman pieces included in some of their sets.

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