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Jungle Animals

Of Zoos and Jungles

These delightful little critters were found in a Target store, among the cheap bin toys.  The header card on the bag read :Double Dippin Fun" and these were billed as "jungle animals."  A nice little set with plenty of variety and action, but some of these animals are hardly of the jungle variety.  It is the usual mix of offscale critters combined wit ha few odds and ends.  For less than $2.00, how can you go wrong?

From left: hippopotamus, elk, tiger. zebra, lion and elephant.

Is the hippo small or is the elk big?  The elk is hardly a jungle fellow, as he comes from cooler climes in Scandinavia and North aMerica.

From left: hyena. giraffe. rhinoceros, panda and polar bear.

Tiger, zebra

"Scenery" for the "jungle animals."  Rhino is placed for scale.

Giant lion or pygmy elephant?

Panda and polar bear.  How does the polar bear fit into a set of jungle critters?

Giraffe and rhino.

At first glimpse he might by a hyena, or maybe a cheetah....

This fellow could have you wondering about his species.

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