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Classic Lead Knights

The John Hill Company, an English firm, was a competitor of Britains Ltd. For many years, their cast metal figures rivalled Britains and others.  Johillco later made plastic figures, until its demise in the 1960s. With its Johillco trademark, the John Hill Company offered various ranges of figures.

Most of the knights on this page are original Johillco figures from the days of metal casting,  We figure that these particular miniatures hie from the late 1940s and the 1950s.  They are wonderfully-posed models of fighting Medieval warriors.  A few figures are by Timpo and other competitors.

Foot figures .  The two on the extreme right would have separate weapons.  Gold knight with halbard has a swivel arm.

Mounted knight with swivel arm.  Knight and horse are one piece.

Knights in fighting poses.

One-piece casting of knight on horse.

Two-piece castings.   Center knight probably had a separate lance.  Both have plumes of fur-like material. These are made by Timpo, as evidenced by the "real" plume.

Halbardier, Spearman and mounted Swordsmen Plumed horseman is by Timpo.

These Crescent brand figures are painted gold.   Many playsets, even current ones, have silver knights opposed to gold.

Crusaders by Cherilea. There are two poses shown here.  These 50mm figures are very detailed.  (I am still trying to acquire the other poses to this set)

This Mordred figure by Timpo is a little the worse for wear.  He is missing his movable helmet visor and his lance.

Mordred was part of a Timpo series of knights from the King Arthur legends.

Mordred's horse, to right, is almost indistinguishable from the standard" Timpo horse  However, the spike on the horse's face armor is one notable difference.

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