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Ideal U. S. Infantry

The Ideal figures showed up in plastic bags from time to time.  They are notably taller than most other toy soldiers of the time.  Ideal figures were one of the few which had a soldier firing an M1 Carbine and a BAR gunner.  They must have been good, because World War II figures from Tim Mee and Werner are obvious clones of the Ideal troops. Like Lido, the Ideal troops have the "flat foot" rather than bases.  We liked the nice assortment of poses and the presence of heavier weapons such as the flamethrower, BAR and bazooka.

The sitting sniper in some way resembles that in the Marx 60mm set, but in fact it is a different, original figure.  

Officer with pistol and binoculars

Marching rifleman

Bayonet fighter

Standing shooter with M1 rifle

Kneeling shooter with M1 carbine

Sitting sniper

Prone shooter with M1 rifle

Throwing grenade

Advancing with BAR

Running with M3 submachine gun

Radioman with walkie talkie

The bazooka man

Flame thrower man

Running crouching rifleman

Crawling rifleman

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