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Can of Troops: Figures

You would be surprised at what you will find in a can of clones.  The bucket yielded up a few good examples of poses and details.

Lone commander figure looks the part.

Hing Fat clones both Airfix and Matchbox riflemen.  Here you can compare them.  The two kneeling riflemen to the left are Matchbox clones, the kneeling and standing rifleman to the right are cloned Airfix.

An animated pose like this is takes the concept a step further - note the burst of activity it implies.

Even the standing figure at rest looks lively.  Good sculpting will show through, even when cloned into less-detailed figures.

Airfix clone: this soldier is fluid, looks as if he is firing in action.  With so many standing riflemen out there that look stiff and posed, figures with this kind of animation stand out.

This pose is similar to the machine-gunner in the American set.  Both are inspired by lead soldiers from the 1920s and 1930s.  

Interesting pose of running submachine gunner.  Note firing submachine gunner leaning back, as if feeling the recoil of the weapon.

Good animation: both charging riflemen look like they are in mid-rush.  The standing rifleman to the right is in an interesting bayonet-fighting post.    Kneeling Bren gunner looks like he is actually firing, not just kneeling there holding a gun.  Small details in the pose make a difference.

Unusual figures in the British set: bagpiper and commander.

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