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A Can of Troops

At the train show in Edison, we came across a bucket of toy soldiers.  What made it stand out was that it hand four World War II armies, each in its own compartment: US, British, Japanese and German.  Normally, clone sets are as mediocre as the day is long.  This set was surprisingly different.  It had a good range of figures, most of which had been cloned well.  though nowhere near as detailed as the originals, they certainly looked better than the average knock-off figure.

US Paratroopers.  Most, if not all, are clones of Matchbox

British and Scots - clones of Airfix and Matchbox.  Note officer figure, Scots in beanies, and bagpiper.  Officer in this set looks like a sailor rather than a soldier.

Germans are clones of Matchbox and Airfix

Japanese are clones of Airfix and probably Matchbox.  Note kneeling soldier on right, with entrenching tool.  This is one of the best selections I have yet seen of Japanese Army figures.

The rest of the Japanese set.  This was a nice combination of poses.  usually the Japanese troops get less variety.

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