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Infantry Field Gear

1941 and 1991

These illustrations show the standard field gear of the US Army.  The first is from the 1941 "Soldier's Handbook", which was standard issue for many years afterward.  The last three are from the 1991 Soldier's Handbook.  I should note here that the field gear for 1991 is a nylon material, yet in configuration is not different from that worn in the 1970s.  The 1970 gear was the M1956 set, made of webbed material.

Standard infantry pack and gear: clothing, cartridge belt, canteen cover, mess kit and canteen, bayonet, helmet, gas mask and M1 rifle.

Wearing the pack, with helmet stowed.

The pack and gear, all ready to wear.  Note the entrenching tool.

Modern field gear - nylon material and plastic clips on ammo pouches are about the only difference from the M1956 set used until 1980.

Modern helmet - soldiers never work chin strap with the older steel helmets

Parts of the modern helmet,

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