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Fire & Police Vehicles & Figures

For years, police and fire figures were minor accessories included with high-quality metal and diecast vehicles.  Now that they are part of playsets, it is only natural that playset-quality vehicles accompany them.  Here are some recent vehicles packed in police and fire playsets.

Fire vehicles and signs. A helicopter, fire truck, ambulance and raft.  These are what people think of as "rescue vehicles."

The fire truck is quite plain and small.  

This helicopter has colored windows -a nice touch.  There are police and fire versions.

An armored personnel carrier, jeep and squad car.  The Jeep looks more like a Post Office vehicle.  As for the armored vehicle - the New York Police Department has an old M-59 carrier.  

Today, a police armored vehicle is taken in stride.  It was very different 30 years ago.  Folks raised a hue and cry if they though the police had anything like a "tank."

Figure of a policeman with dog, circa 1930 - Present.  This was made for miniature holiday villages.

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