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Farms by the Bag

For the past few years, farm and other animal sets have taken a new twist.  They come in bags or small plastic tubes, and are made almost entirely of a rubberlike material.  It is likely PVC or vinyl.  The pieces are all painted, and usually come with some kind of accessories such as fences or plastic trees.  Most amusing is that the sets have almost no sense of scale whatsoever.  You often find that the geese and chickens are taller than the horses and hogs.

Our set is from a Target store's cheap toy bin.  The red header card read "Double Dippin Fun" and described these as "farm animals."  Overall, it is a nice little set for under $2.00.  For us, it is typical of these current farm sets found in various stores, from supermarkets to craft shops.

From left: German shepherd dog, cow, horse, burro, goat

From left: duck, goose, rooster, hen, cat, pig.

Corral and plastic rocks make up this set's scenery.

Either the chicken is a giant, or the cat is a kitten, or cat and chicken are giants, or the pig is a pygmy.

As you can see, scale is not an issue.  Rooster, donkey and cat.

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