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East German Soldiers

Cold War Classics

I was pleasantly surprised to acquire this East German foursome.  They were made in East Germany during the Cold War. The soldiers have the typical flat East German helmet and Soviet-bloc weapons.  in this case, they carry folding-stock versions of the AK series of assault rifle.  The field gear and officer's holster look very might like those of World War II era soldiers, and the overall size and sculpting are similar to larger composition figures.  The grenadier throws an egg-style hand grenade, rather than the stick type common to Communist and older German armies. Initially, the troops seemed to be the "standard" size for German composition figures, but these fellow were a bit bigger than our in-house Elastolin figures.

The solders are made of a PVC-like material

Is it coincidence or Cold War propaganda that these figures loom so large over their Western 54mm and 60mm counterparts?

I suspect they were somehow copied and converted from older composition figures or an older composition mold.  They are unusual, to say the least!

Four robust Germans: officer with Tokarev pistol, grenadier, advancing rifleman with Ak47, walking man with AK47. All AKs are the folding-stock version.

Rear view shows field gear and backpacks.  The packs and belts look much like their World War II counterparts  Markings under the base of the figures read PGH Effelder

Compare size with Herald and Britains "Deetail" infantrymen.  Figures are about 1/24 scale, and stand about 75mm from bottom of foot to top of head.  With base, they are almost 80mm tall!  They are even taller than old composition figures.

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