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Diecast Artillery from England

The field gun of choice for toy soldiering!

Compare the sizes of the guns.  Troops in the photo are 54mm Johillco knights.

American companies produced an awesoem array of stamped-metal and plastic artillery.  Many were firing models capable of hurling projectiles. However, when it came to toy cannons, the cream of the crop was British diecast.  Firms like Britians, Crescent and Lone Star offered various field pieces.  From small, simple 25-pounder guns to large "Big Bertha" howitzers, an interesting variety wasavailable.  Of course, most of us could only hope for the less-expensive guns.

While Britains 4.7 inch naval gun gets the acclaim, most playrooms were served by much humbler gunnery.  The guns listed here are that common lot which served well.  They were the perfect accompaniment for brigeades of plastic troops, or companies of old leaden figures.

The standard 25 pounder gun yr Britians Ltd.  It was included in Herald and some Britians sets.  The 25 pounder was a standard artillery piece for the British Army.

The 5.5 inch field gun by Crescent is a model of s standard british Army weapon.  5.5 inch guns servedas heavy field artillery fo rthe British during World War II.

A later Britians 25 pounder was almost an exact copy of a Crescent gun.  This piece was priced higher, and was often included in a set with a towing vehicle and caisson.  Note gunner's viewing hole in the gun shield.

Lone Star produced a smaller model of the venerable 25 pounder.  There are seats forthe gunner and assistant gunner, a feature of the real 25-pounder.

54mm classic toy soldiers beside Britains' Royal Artillery Gun, which appeared in several versions over the years.  It is a model of a World War I 4.5" gun.

Rear view of gun with breech closed.  Firing is done by pressing the rod behind and to the rear of the wheel.

Breech open to fire a wooden matchstick or lead shell.  Firing rod is raised.

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