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Civil War & Cavalry Troops

by Crescent

The American Civil War and Wild West are very popular overseas.  British and European wargamers include large contingents of Civil War players.  The West is even bigger, especially among the English and Germans.  Manufacturers from both countries produced some of the most memorable Western figures.  While the Wild West theme is not hotly popular in America, it remains popular "across the Pond."

The British firm of Crescent produced notable military figures of the period, including both American Civil War and Western-style U.S. Cavalry figures.  These are a hair taller than 60mm. The Civil War set includes six Infantrymen.  As with many other U.S. and british makers, producing opposite sides for the Ciovil War was a matter of changing the color of the plastic.  The same molds produced Union Yankees and Confederate Goobers.

Cavalry figures were intended for play with Wild Indians. The poses and equipment - including the scout - look as if they are right out of a movie.  

Firing rifleman, advancing soldier, charging rifleman.  These are molded in Goober Gray.

Officer with arm in sling, bugler and officer with sword.  Union troops were a matter of changing plastic color to Yankee Blue.

Rear of troops - note backpacks

U.S. Cavalry bugler, officer and scout.

Riflemen, officer and soldier with pistol & knife.

From the back.

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