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More Composition Figures

Between the World Wars, Europeans manufacturers found a brisk trade in composition figures.These were made of a wire frame and a combination of sawdust, wood matters and an oil or resin.  In fact, they were almost exactly the same as Linoleum, hence a company named Lineol. Though composition figures were rarely manufactured in North America, they were imported.  Here are a few more examples of these unique figures, made in the period between the Wars.

Knight by Elastolin - he is missing his pole weapon, probably a spear, lance or halberd.

Marching figures by Stola, a German company.  Figures like these were made for export.  They represent US troops, and are made by placing an American head on a German figure, and painting in US Army colors.  Sometimes only the foot part of boots were painted on US figures, hoping to resemble puttees rather than jackboots.

German and American soldiers by Elastolin.  The German is of a better grade, having more detail and better paint work.  The American is crude both in molded detail and paint. The US soldier is another case of head-swapping to produce "foreign" figures.  Changing the head and paintwork enabled Elastolin, Lineol and other European composition makers a cheap way to produce many armies.

Composition cowboy of unknown manufacture.  Western figures were popular throughout Europe.  Thanks to the stories by Karl May, Western toys were extremely popular in Germany and remain so to this day.

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