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Carry-All Castle Accessories

Marx invariably filled all of its playsets with the best accessories.  These were little detail that made them all the more special.  Medieval sets were often equipped with various implements.  These were initially designed as accessories for Robin Hood. A heavy weapon, the onager catapult, also graced medieval playsets.  The Marx catapult was based on the Roman "onager".


Cook fire and archery target.

Dinner table and benches.

Tabletop is fitted with dishes, utensils and food.

Battering ram, chest, barrel with spigot, harp.

Top view of onager.  Hooks at bottom secure a rubber band for firing.

The size is right for 54mm to 60mm figures.  Knight is 54mm tall.

Side view.  The peg on the "bucket" arm was added to allow pellet to be fired further.  Peg hits top beam, casting the projectile at a 45 degree angle.

The MPC catapult to left was made initially for 40mm knights!  It dwarfs the onager.

Yes, medieval catapults could be THAT big, and bigger.

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